How to make Sushi – No raw fish here

January 24, 2013 § 4 Comments

I have been making sushi for a long time and let me tell you you do not need to have raw fish to have a great sushi dinner. Our sushi features a lot of veggies, if you don’t care for traditional sushi you may like this recipe. This sushi method is also different because it is a kind of maki-style, a wrap of seaweed, not a roll. The nice thing about it is everyone gets to make their own and there is no waiting. It is excellent. Here is a pdf the recipe:MakeSushiRecipe

(Please click on the pictures to see the entire snapshot)


Sushi rice (short and round)
1 Tbls rice vinegar
1 Tbls rice wine
2 packages of seaweed paper (1 package for 2-3 people)
1 Tbls toasted sesame oil
1 Tbls chipotle pepper (to taste)
1 Tbls soy sauce
1 large package of cold smoked salmon or 2 small packages for 2 people)
1 large warm smoked white fish or trout
1 tube of wasabi paste
2 avocados (1 avocado for 2 people)
1 english cucumber
1 egg
2 jalapeños
1 red pepper
2 green onions
1 jar of pickled ginger, drained
4 cloves of raw garlic
(optional: crab (this lump crab shown was disappointing, I usually buy king crab legs and harvest the meat), warm smoked salmon, scallops,  shrimp –  Fry both in butter,  caviar (any type of fish eggs, ie. salmon roe), asparagus, shitake mushroom – fry in butter, do not eat raw, pickled japanese daikon, bonita flakes, gobo, soft-shell crab, ) Serves about 4 people.


Cut up the green onions


Slightly fry in butter and remove from pan


Add egg to the left over butter and cook lightly until done


Gently cut into rectangles and divvy them up between the plates, and do the same for the next steps. It will be a very crowded plate when you are done.


Cut up the red pepper into strips


Cut up the jalapeños into tiny strips


Cut up the cuke into medium strips


You need some raw garlic, pressed in a garlic press. The raw garlic is for the white fish but it tastes great with everything


Cut up the smoked white fish (shown below) or trout (shown here)


I prefer Morey’s smoked white fish to trout


Make two cuts on a large slab of cold smoked sliced salmon. Please do not buy cheap salmon, it won’t taste as good. I heard Sam’s Club sells large slabs like this one shown above.


Take about half of the salmon, separate the layers and make “spicy tuna” with it


Use a larger bowl (larger than the one shown) and add 1 tablepoon of soy sauce, chipotle pepper and toasted sesame oil and mix well. Then gently mix them with the salmon (add as much as you like) *I should mention, I was on vacation when I was making this sushi and was “making due” with this plastic container


The last veggie to cut up is the avocado, so it doesn’t turn brown sitting out in the open air


Your plate should look something like this.

Ours has some smoked and re- fried korean beef pictured on the center right that was a left overs from another meal


Make some sushi rice, add 1 tablespoon of the rice wine and vinegar to it and stir it up


While you are stirring it up, someone should use a paper plate and fan the rice. Do this for about 1 minute or until the rice becomes shiny


While you are cutting up the veggies and fish have someone cut up the seaweed into rectangle strips. Open the seaweed and pull out all of the leaves, cut down the middle. then stack them and cut them in half again, and repeat one more time. Image

In a small bowl add wasabi and soy sauce together and mix. Taste to see if you need more soy sauce. It is my opinion this needs more soy sauce. 😀 Every one should have their own bowl


Add the picked ginger to your plate (it helps with your digestion and it is really tasty


Grab a piece of seaweed and add a small amount to rice


Add your toppings and fold over to make it bite sized


Dip into the sauce and enjoy!


I made three full plates of sushi ingredients and there were some leftovers 😀 (shown without the pickled ginger)

Here are some pictures of previous sushi extravaganzas:



The ingredients are limitless, here are some optional ones: apple, mango lettuce, cream cheese, carrot, cooked spinach, parsley, fried asparagus, shrimp, scallops, sesame seeds, shitake Mushroom (fry in butter, do not eat raw), pickled japanese daikon, bonita flakes, natto, gobo, soft-shell crab and caviar



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