Tips for Traveling to Japan

March 9, 2013 § 1 Comment

I visit Japan regularly and I have a list of things I do to make the transition as painless as possible:

Please note: I am not a doctor so please speak with your doctor before taking anything new.

Before your Flight:
– Do not take anything on your trip that has special meaning, because half the time you are dealing with jet lag which makes you kind of goofy and you may forget or misplace items. Leave all heirloom jewelry in your bank safety deposit box.
– When you pack make sure you don’t forget your passport. Put money and passport together in a small bag, like a fanny pack and attach it to the suitcase. When you leave for your trip put it on.
– When you make flight arrangements double check that your passport hasn’t expired. (better safe than sorry)
– Buy and use those inflatable pillows and get some ear plugs.
– Buy those expensive $20 or $30 dollar socks at the airport, they are worth it, your legs and feet don’t get as swollen. Or I would suggest buying some long socks for the flight at your favorite store.
– If you are going to see family or friends go out and buy some small cute picture frames as gifts.

Important! Buy these two items and take on your trip(s):
– Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) This helps with digestion, take this when you eat something and you feel uneasy. Please ask your doctor before taking anything new.
– Activated Charcoal This helps with food poisoning, it coats the bad food and keeps you from getting sick. You can get this from any drug store. Please ask your doctor before taking anything new.

On the Flight:
– I take a Magnesium Vitamin to relax my muscles as soon as I get on the flight. Please ask your doctor before taking a Magnesium Vitamin.
– Try to sleep on the flight over, or just rest your eyes.
– Do not drink alcohol on the flights. It makes it harder to get a good nights sleep.
– Always wear layers on the flight, sometimes it can get really cold.
– Try to wear cotton or other natural fabrics, in case of a fire.
– Wear comfortable clothes and be comfortable.
– 4 oz bottle is still in effect, so buy some at Target and fill them with your favorite products and put them in a quart sized freezer bag when you pack.
– Take hand washies (WetOnes) in those little packets and just use them through out the trip. FYI You can not buy them in Japan, so be sure to take enough. When you sit down in your seat wash the tray and arm rests with one.
– We try not to eat on flights over to Japan, but on the way home the meals are always good. Soba noodles and other fun stuff. So share a “nice” meal with your companion at the airport before you leave, that way you can pick at the food or not eat at all.

When you Arrive in Japan:
– If you are a coffee drinker we recommend drinking a cup right before you land because you will get a headache from withdrawal symptoms. (even though you are going to sleep in 6 hours) The one cup of coffee will not keep you up at all.
– Shower as soon as you get to your room.
– I take another Magnesium Vitamin when I go to bed, to help my muscles relax – please ask your doctor before taking a Magnesium Vitamin.
– During your stay in Japan, drink coffee to stay awake, but no later than 2 pm, so you can sleep at night.
– Use the hotel laundry for your airplane clothes. We use the hotel laundry for everything so then we don’t have to take much luggage, we just take carry ons.
– If you are staying at a hotel, stop at a convenience store and get drinks like Evian and Vit C water, because you will get thirsty during the night and the hotel won’t have enough stocked in your fridge, plus it will be less expensive.
– Take lots of pictures and have a great trip. Don’t forget your camera or if you take your phone put it in “airport mode” so you don’t get roaming charges.

A word of caution: on all trips, look for bed bugs, even if you are not leaving the country, because you don’t want to bring anything home.

* I am not a doctor so consult with your physician before taking anything new. I do not claim to cure any cause or condition. I do not provide medical aid for the purpose of health or to claim to be a doctor. This is merely an opinion blog.


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